Not sure if you have a sleep disorder?

The first step is to book in to see one of our sleep technicians to assess your risk of sleep apnoea. Depending on your results, we can assess if you need any treatment at all, if you require a sleep study or need to be referred to a doctor or specialist physician.

Choose from one of our two locations below:

Wagga CBD

Michael O’Reilly Pharmacy

(02) 6921 3315
67 Baylis St
Wagga Wagga NSW

Mon - Fri  8:30am–6pm
Sat  8:30am–2pm
Sun (closed)

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Glenfield Park

Southcity Pharmacy

(02) 6971 3550
Southcity Shopping Centre
5A/1-7 Tanda Pl,
Wagga Wagga NSW

Mon - Sun  8am - 9pm

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Not sleeping well?

GNSS can help people that are having trouble sleeping.

Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t slept at all?
Are you feeling the effects of a lack of sleep?

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What is obstructive sleep apnoea?